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Rat Problem 8a

This chapter will be cut in two, because the next part is just too awesome(in my opinion) to be shared with anything else. *hee hee*.

Title: Rat Problem
Rating: Hard R(PG-13 at some points)
Author: spangelsbitch
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Warning:  language, naughty coffin sex(sort of), biting(yay) and Riley
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing remotely related to Joss' work. Althought I really wish I did.
Summary: Buffy only had a small mission to do. Take pictures and report back to Giles. But of course, when a certain sexy blond vampire tags along...things don't always work out for the best...or do they? (I know cheesy summary)
A/N: This is only partially beta'd. I may not get the rest beta'd(unless someone volunteers)

“Okay, so we’re just heading to the docks and looking around for a truck. Is that it?” Xander asked.

Giles snatched his glasses off and regarded the annoying boy. “No that is not it, Xander. There is a bloody hell lot more to it than looking for a bleedin’ truck!” Xander backed up.

“Wow. Channeling the Ripper here?” Xander asked.

Giles sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just a little…fussy. You could say.”

“Jeez, and I thought Buffy was bad in the morning.” Xander said. Giles gave him a look.

“Buffy’s always in a mood,” Anya said. Everyone looked at her. She shrugged. “Well she is.”

“Right, so I’ve contacted my people and they’re already moving out. They’ll meet us at the checkpoint.” Riley said.

“Good, but make sure your men understand that this is Buffy’s thing. If she takes charge, let her.” Giles said, looking directly at Riley.

“They understand that.” Riley said.

Chances of them listening are slim to none. Riley thought.

Giles looked at Riley a little longer before he regarded the others. “Make sure you stay back and out of fire range. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt. And keep Joyce with you at all times. Make sure she doesn’t run out if Buffy gets hurt.” Giles said.

“I think I can handle that on my own.” Joyce said, walking into the living room. Giles blushed.

He stood up and turned to her. “Uh, right. Well I was just merely implying that in the heat of battle Buffy could get hurt and-and I wanted to ensure that you weren’t to put yourself in any harm.” Giles said. Joyce smiled.

“Thank you Rupert, but I’ve seen my daughter slay before. I was able to manage my motherly nature then.” Joyce said.

“Right…sorry.” She just smiled still.

Riley cleared his throat. “We should probably get on the road now. It’s a long trip.” He said.

“Right! Well make sure everyone has everything and let’s go.” Giles said, remembering his place.

They all got up, grabbed their weapons, and headed out the door. Riley was taking Willow and Tara with him. Xander and Anya were driving on their own and Giles was riding with Joyce.


“This doesn’t fit.”

“But you look cute.”

“Stop saying that.”

“But you do. We should have you wear my stuff more often.”

“I wouldn’t be wearing this now if someone hadn’t torn my shirt!”

“Ow! Bloody hell! ‘S not like I torn your knickers or somethin’.” Spike said.

“But I liked that shirt! And it cost me 50 bucks!” Buffy said.

Spike grinned. He wrapped an arm around her waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Well then ‘ll buy you a new one. But for now, I like you in my shirt.”

Buffy grinned. “It’s a good thing that you wore two shirts.” Buffy said.

Spike grinned. He was wearing his blood red shirt that he usually wore with his black muscle shirt. Only this time he was sans that. The red shirt he had was buttoned except the top two. Buffy was wearing his muscle shirt and he thought she looked very hot in it. Of course…Buffy said she didn’t.

“So tell me why again, we’re goin’ to the Poofter?” Spike asked.

“What is up with you and nicknames?” Buffy asked.

“’Cause he’s a poof.” Spike said. She rolled her eyes.

“I need to get in touch with Giles and take some weapons from Angel. We’re going after those guys for that damn coffin thing.” Buffy said.

“Oh. So it has nothing to do with the rats, right?”

Buffy turned on him and punched him in the stomach. He bent over, but laughed anyway.

“Argh! You’re such a jerk!” Buffy yelled, stomping off.

It took Spike a moment to gain his composure. But when he did he ran after Buffy and grabbed her arm. He pulled her back against his chest and nuzzled into her neck. “You’re a jerk.” She said. Spike chuckled against her neck.

He kissed her there and then her cheek. “But you still want to shag me six ways ‘till Sunday.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, but couldn’t stop the grin. Spike smirked and kissed her neck again. “Come on, luv. Let’s go find Peaches.” Spike said, taking her hand.

Oddly enough his hand felt better than Riley’s. Although his was slightly cooler than hers…his hand wasn’t so large. She didn’t feel like his hand ate hers. If that even makes sense.

Next part here.


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Nov. 7th, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC)
Giles will learn someday not to try to order a Summers woman around. He may end up getting whacked with an ax, if he makes Joyce mad.

Riley is still saying one thing and thinking about what he will really do. Wanker.

Buffy in Spike's shirt is going to set Angel off big time. When Angel finds out Buffy had sex with Spike there is going to a fight for sure.
Nov. 7th, 2008 09:04 pm (UTC)
Lol, well one can only hope for the best!
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