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Rat Problem 9/?

Title: Rat Problem
Rating: Hard R(PG-13 at some points)
Author: spangelsbitch
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Warning:  language, naughty coffin sex(sort of), biting(yay) and Riley
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing remotely related to Joss' work. Althought I really wish I did.
Summary: Buffy only had a small mission to do. Take pictures and report back to Giles. But of course, when a certain sexy blond vampire tags along...things don't always work out for the best...or do they? (I know cheesy summary)
A/N: This is only partially beta'd. I may not get the rest beta'd(unless someone volunteers)

Last time:
Buffy came in through the door and yanked Spike in. “Hello?! Is anyone here!?” Buffy called.

“Coming!!” She heard back.

They came in a little further and looked around the lobby. “This place is really old.” Spike said.

Buffy gave him a look and rolled her eyes. “What?” he asked.

She yanked him toward her so she could look at him. “Just because we are here to see Angel doesn’t mean it’s gonna affect my decision of what to do with us. Okay? So stop acting like a little girl.” Spike growled at her.

“Yes how can I help yo-oh.” Cordelia had come from a hallway then stopped. Buffy grinned.

“I’m back.” Buffy said.

“Spike!” She yelled. Spike rolled his eyes.

“What’s going on?!” A black man came out from around the corner then. He was completely bald and was shortly followed by someone Buffy knew.

“Spike’s here.” Cordelia said.

The men looked at Spike. Buffy’s eyes opened wide. “Wesley!” She said. He turned to her and was shocked as well.

“Buffy get down!” Wesley yelled, as he grabbed a crossbow from under the front desk. He aimed and fired. Buffy snatched the arrow out the air. That got a gasp from above them. Everyone looked up and saw a very mousy girl with long hair and glasses.

Buffy threw the arrow away and it stuck into the wall by a hallway Angel came out. He froze as the arrow just missed him.

“Is that how you treat everyone that comes in here?!” Buffy asked, not realizing Angel was there.

Spike did, and was watching him as he was being watched.

“Buffy do you know who he is?!” Wesley asked.

“Buffy?” the black man asked.

“Yes I know who he is! He’s Spike! William the Bloody.” Buffy said.

“Exactly! He’ll kill us all!” Wesley said.

The black man then appeared with a stake.

“Well he’s not going to kill you now!” Buffy yelled.

“What do you mean? He has a soul or somethin’?” the black man asked.

“No!” Buffy, Spike and Angel yelled. They all jumped back.

That’s when Buffy saw Angel. Then she saw the arrow. “Oops.” She said.

“What are you doing here?” Angel asked.

“Nice to see your greetin’s are the same for everyone, mate.” Spike said.

“Shut up Spike.” Angel said.

“We need a little help.” Buffy said.

We?” Cordelia asked.

“Yes, Prom Queen. What did workin’ for the poof make you only hear brute now.” Spike said. Angel moved quicker than Cordelia or the men had seen, which caused them to jump back, but Buffy moved just as quick.

She caught his fist from punching Spike and everyone was shocked with that.

“She’s evil!” Cordelia said.

“I’m not evil,” She pushed Angel back. “We just need help.”

“I’m confused.” The black man said.

“Me too.” Wesley said.

“Okay, hold on. Let’s calm down.” Angel said. Realizing that something was wrong from the moment Buffy stopped him from hitting Spike.

“Would either of you like something to drink?” Angel asked.

“Water if you got it.” Buffy said.

“Gunn.” Angel said. The black man nodded and left for a moment and came back. Angel had moved everyone to sit down, along with the girl upstairs.

“First let’s get introductions,” Angel said. “This is Gunn, Fred, Wesley and you both know Cordelia.” Spike and Buffy nodded.

“Okay, so who are you two?” Gunn asked.

“This is Spike. I’m Buffy.” She said.

“Why does that name sound familiar?” Gunn asked.

“How many Buffies do you know?” Spike asked.

“Oh! The Buffy?” Gunn asked.

The Buffy? Since when did I come with a title?” Buffy asked.

“Pet, you’ve always come with a title.” Spike said.

“No asked you.” Buffy said with a grin.

“Angel talks about you a lot.” Angel elbowed Gunn…a little too hard. Gunn grunted and turned it into a coughing fit.

 “Second of all, guys, Spike is chipped. He can’t hurt you.” Angel said, not even hiding the small grin.

Buffy rolled her eyes as she sipped her water.

“And Angel’s souled, he can’ get laid.” Spike mumbled.

“What?” Wesley asked, the same time Buffy choked on her water trying not to laugh. Angel didn’t find it so funny.

Spike smirked.

“What does chipped mean?” Cordelia asked, as Buffy calmed after her choking fit. She elbowed Spike and he only grinned.

“He’s got a chip in his brain that keeps him from hurting humans.” Buffy said.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could do that.” Gunn said.

“Shouldn’t be able to.”

Buffy and Spike froze as they realized they said the same thing.

“Okay, what the hell is going on?” Angel asked.

“What do you mean?” Buffy asked.

“With you two?! I have never seen you protect Spike. Ever. And the fact that you two aren't at each other’s throats is questionable as well.” Angel said.

“What? So the little lurking you did back during Thanksgiving gives you full insight of how Spike and I act around each other?” Buffy asked. Angel went to speak, but Buffy cut him off. “Newsflash Angel, you’re not in my life anymore. So what Spike and I do isn’t any of your business. Plus Spike and I can get along for our own sake.”

“Then why are you here?” Angel asked, hurt and mad that Buffy was telling him off in front of the others.

“Business.” Spike said.

“Meaning?” Cordelia asked.

Next part here.


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Nov. 7th, 2008 09:06 pm (UTC)
How dumb is Angel. He still hasn't gotten that Buffy is with Spike. Is he that dim or just in denial? She protects Spike. They are at ease with each other. Buffy isn't yelling "Shut up Spike. Duh?
Nov. 7th, 2008 09:22 pm (UTC)
Angel is Angel. He probably won't realize it until it's drawn out for him on a chalkboard.
Nov. 7th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
“And Angel’s souled, he can’ get laid.” Spike mumbled.

Nov. 8th, 2008 12:50 am (UTC)
LOL! Yay, that seems to a be a fave by far.
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