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Rat Problem 10/?

ARGH!!! I hate school! OMG! Now i know why I never went!!! I'm on the verge of failing one of my classes and it's the class I need for my major!!! ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Okay, rant done!

I think things may be slowing up some, but I'm not sure. I do I have a break next week, so I'll try to update more often, but no promises. *sigh*. Okay, let's get to it.

Title: Rat Problem
Rating: Hard R(PG-13 at some points)
Author: spangelsbitch
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Warning:  language, naughty coffin sex(sort of), biting(yay) and Riley
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing remotely related to Joss' work. Althought I really wish I did.
Summary: Buffy only had a small mission to do. Take pictures and report back to Giles. But of course, when a certain sexy blond vampire tags along...things don't always work out for the best...or do they? (I know cheesy summary)
A/N: This is only partially beta'd. I may not get the rest beta'd(unless someone volunteers)


Previously on Rat Problem:

“What? So the little lurking you did back during Thanksgiving gives you full insight of how Spike and I act around each other?” Buffy asked. Angel went to speak, but Buffy cut him off. “Newsflash Angel, you’re not in my life anymore. So what Spike and I do isn’t any of your business. Plus Spike and I can get along for our own sake.”

“Then why are you here?” Angel asked, hurt and mad that Buffy was telling him off in front of the others.

“Business.” Spike said.

“Meaning?” Cordelia asked.

“I was doing Intel and then someone uninvited tagged along and got us in trouble! So we had to hide in a coffin therefore locking us in. Also the same uninvited person’s fault. An-”

“Is not!” Spike said.

“It is too! Everything that’s happened is your fault!” Buffy said, turning to him.

“Bloody wasn’! You people expect me to help and I do! When I don’, I get blamed! I came to help and I got blamed!” Spike said.

“Because it’s your fault!”

“No one told you to start a fight!”

“You started the fight!”

“Did not! You started yellin’ first!”

“No one told you to lock us in the coffin!”

“Now you cannot blame that shite on me! I didn’ know the bloody thing had a lock!”

“But you closed the lid!” Buffy yelled.

“’Cause your self righteous arse jumped in first!”

“You held it open for me!”

“I held it open for me!”

“Then you move too damn slow!”

I move slow? Whose stupid arse got to the coffin last?!”

“You pushed in fro-”


They both stopped immediately. They turned and looked at Angel.

“I take it back! You two act normal. Just shut up!” They didn’t say anything.

Angel took a breath to calm himself. “Now, one of you explain to me what’s going on?” Angel asked.

“You just told us to shut up.” Spike said. Buffy elbowed him.

“And obviously you don’t listen otherwise.” Angel said. Spike shrugged.

Buffy sighed and explained the situation. When she finished they all were calmer and understood.

“Okay. Well you can use the phone on the desk.” Angel said. “Thanks.” Buffy got up and oddly enough Spike did too. The two of them went over to the desk and Buffy picked the phone up and dialed her number.

“Okay, what’s with the buddy system?” Gunn asked, softly.

Angel shrugged. Cordelia was watching him. “You’re going to help aren’t you?” She asked. Angel looked at her. But before he could answer Buffy came back.

“No answer. So either they’re out looking for me or-”

“Or they may be on their way to L.A.” Spike finished.

“Oh!” Buffy said. She jumped up and ran back to the phone. She picked it up and started to dial again.

“Okay what was that?” Cordelia asked.

“’Ve no clue. Pet, what are you doin’?” Spike asked.

“I forgot mom has a cell. I’m hoping she has it-Hello? Hi, mom!” Buffy smiled. “No I’m fine mom. Yes, Spike is with me. Eat me? No, why would he try to kill me?” Spike snorted.

“Bet you the Whelp said that.” Spike said.

“Did Xander say that?” Buffy asked. She rolled her eyes and nodded.

“He doesn’t like you either huh?” Angel asked.

Spike snorted again. “He only likes Riley. I think the boy may have a crush on him.” Spike said.

“Who’s Riley?” Wesley asked.

“An idiot.” Angel said. Spike grinned.

“Buffy’s new beau. Captain Cardboard is what I call him.” Spike said.

“Or Captain America.” Angel said.

Spike chuckled.

“Okay, bye,” Buffy hung up. “You were right. They were on their way.” Buffy said.

“So what’s the plan?” Spike said.

“They’re meeting us here to pick us up.” Buffy said.

“As long as ‘m in the car with you, ‘m fine.” Spike said.

Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Did you need any extra hands?” Angel asked.

“You wanna help?” Buffy asked.

“Might as well. It’s been a little slow around here.” Angel said.

“Liar. You just want another go at Riley.” Buffy said.

Angel couldn’t stop the smile. “No I don’t.” he said.

Next part here. 


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Nov. 21st, 2008 11:15 pm (UTC)
Love it when Angel gets all cranky when he thinks Buffy is too close to Spike. Funny when he agrees with Spike about Riley. They might be vampires, but deep down they still guys.
Nov. 21st, 2008 11:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's one of the things you can count on with those two, it's that they'll agree to hate someone.
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