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You'll Never Be Friends

I did this awhile ago and thought it was pretty good. I got this from a pic I'm using for my background and thought it would be neat to do a poem about it. I have few down time moments so my life kinda sucks right now. So here ya go!!!

Title: You'll Never Be Friends
Rating: Soft R or PG-17?(i don't know)
Author: spangelsbitch
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Warning:  language
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing remotely related to Joss' work. Althought I really wish I did.

You’ll hate each other’s guts,

You’ll want to kill the other.

You’ll always fight savagely,

You’ll always have obstacles.


You look at him and see red.

You see all the trouble he’s caused,

And all the pain he’s relished.

You look at him and see the lust burning.


You look at her and see hate.

You see all the fights she’s caused,

And all the things she’s done.

You look at her and see fiery passion.


You’ll always see the passion,

You’ll always see the lust.

You’ll want each other until it hurts,

You’ll want to fuck until you’re dead.


No matter how much you hate each other,

No matter how much you fuck.

You’ll never forget the pain you’ve each caused,

You’ll never be friends.