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Rat Problem 6/?

Title: Rat Problem
Rating: Hard R(PG-13 at some points)
Author: spangelsbitch
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Warning:  language, naughty coffin sex(sort of), biting(yay) and Riley
Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing remotely related to Joss' work. Althought I really wish I did.
Summary: Buffy only had a small mission to do. Take pictures and report back to Giles. But of course, when a certain sexy blond vampire tags along...things don't always work out for the best...or do they? (I know cheesy summary)
A/N: This is only partially beta'd. I may not get the rest beta'd(unless someone volunteers)


Buffy sighed happily in her sleep and burrowed into her very comfortable, slightly cool, and purring pillow.


Buffy opened her eyes and found she was face to…chest with Spike. She tilted her head up and saw he was sleep…and breathing. In fact, his breathing matched hers.

Hmmm. Angel never did that. Then again, he was always watching me whenever I slept. But he never did breathe. Buffy thought.

She then let her eyes slowly trail downward. Spike’s chest was chiseled. His muscles were lean, but powerful. Ever since she saw him, he’s reminded her of a slick black panther. The way he was just so smooth, with his hidden power and swagger. She smiled slightly

Then her eyes noticed his left arm. It was laying across her waist in a slightly possessive manner. Then her eyes stopped at the edge of the blanket. She glanced back up at his face and saw he was still sleep.

Although, not realizing he had stopped breathing.

Buffy moved her hand slightly over Spike’s arm and lifted up the blanket. She moved her head down to peer underneath when a voice startled her. “Lookin’ for somethin’, kitten?” Buffy yelped and let go of the blanket.

Spike chuckled. “Argh!” Buffy smacked his chest. Spike grinned. “Why in the hell did you do that?!” She asked.

“Wanted to see how far you went. Seems you wanted to see what the Big Bad kept in his pants.” Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Whatever,” Buffy said, rolling over so her back faced him. “Go back to sleep.”

Spike grinned. He moved up behind her and Buffy gasped as she felt his erection against her butt. “Now, now kitten. Be nice or you don’ get a treat.” Spike purred, nuzzling her neck. Buffy’s eyes fluttered close.

Spike’s arm around her waist went underneath the blanket. He unbuttoned her pants and slowly let the zipper down. Spike was purposely giving her plenty of time to stop him. He heard her breathing pick up and felt her skin flush.

The moment his cool fingers touched her navel, Buffy jumped and sat up away from him. Spike groaned and pressed his face into the pillow. Then he felt someone pushing him over.

Spike rolled over onto his back and barely stopped the gasp as he felt Buffy straddle him. He looked up at her. Buffy took a breath and began to remove her shirt. Spike grabbed her wrists to stop her. Spike saw the hurt of rejection cross her eyes. He leaned up and kissed her to reassure her.

He pulled back and nipped at her lip. “Just wanna make sure you wanna do this, luv. ‘Cause God help me, but I doubt if  ’d be able to stop now. So if you’re startin’ this, you better bloody well finish.” Spike said. Buffy looked into his clear blue eyes and grinned.

She leaned forward until her lips brushed his. “Show me what you got…Big Bad.” Spike growled and ripped her shirt off. Following that was her front clasp bra. Thankfully, that fared better than the shirt. Spike’s mouth then locked wateringly onto her nipple.

He groaned as Buffy moaned. She tossed her head back and just grasped at his hair. Spike thought her breasts were perfect. They fit right into his hand and were nice and perky. He could probably spend days just kissing, licking and nibbling at her breasts, sort of like he was doing now.

Buffy couldn’t take it anymore. She yanked his head away and captured his lips with hers passionately. Spike groaned into her mouth and his hands moved down to the waist of her jeans.

With the quickness that surprised Buffy and actually Spike a little, Buffy’s pants came off. Spike raised an eyebrow at her underwear of choice.

Buffy blushed. “I love these pants and they tend to ride low. So….” Spike smirked.

He leaned forward and gave her a kiss so gentle that it made Buffy blush even harder. He pulled back and gave her a very sexy grin. “Wonder what's underneath.”

Buffy bit her lip as she felt Spike’s cool fingers slip under her g-string and begin to pull it down. She shifted a little to help him. He then tossed them across the room and growled at the naked sight of Buffy.

“Hey, no fair. I’m all with the nakedness and you’re with the no nakedness.” Buffy said, pouting.

Spike smirked. “Pouting is it? Look at that lip. Gonna get it. Gonna get it.” Spike said, as he leaned in and nipped at her bottom lip poking out. Buffy giggled a little as he kissed her.

He then pulled back and began to undo his pants. Buffy’s heart picked up as she saw his navel slowly being revealed. Spike watched Buffy’s face as he slowly slid his jeans off.

Once naked, Buffy just stared in shock at Spike’s girth. He smirked. “Luv, you gonna stare at him all night or give him a kiss.”

Buffy looked at up at him and Spike couldn’t help the grin at the spark of his feisty Slayer. He moved toward her and kissed her. Buffy groaned and Spike grinned against her lips. He kissed her with such a strong, sensual passion that it was stirring them as if they were in the middle of foreplay on it’s brink.

Then that ultimate move happened. Spike gently pushed Buffy back against the pillows and leaned over top of her. He could hear her heart had picked up a bit. He grinned down at her. “There’s no way you can regret this in the mornin’ pet.” Spike said.

Buffy’s answer was a thrust of her hips and a gasp against his lips. Spike groaned and closed his eyes. He slowly sunk further into Buffy’s depths and just stayed still.

Buffy was in complete shock. He felt completely different from Riley…hell even Angel at that. But with Spike not moving like that was driving her crazy.

“Spiiike.” Buffy whined. Spike chuckled. He thrust up into her a little harder and was rewarded with a very animal like grunt. Spike smirked and did it again. This time Buffy’s nails dug into the flesh of his back. Spike growled and then quickly sped up.

Turning their slowly building passion into an inferno.

This soon went from showing each other what they had, to just downright fucking each other’s brains out. And so far…it was working.

The bed was slamming loudly against the wall in front of it as Spike’s thrusts sped up along with Buffy’s.

Their lips attacked each other in a frenzy and they didn’t stop. Their hands gripped whatever they could find and scratched whatever they could touch. It seemed as if their lust and passion consumed them both whole once more. Letting their bodies do the talking for them.

Buffy had never felt anything like this in her life. The closet she got was when she was engaged to Spike and in the coffin. Both were just samples of how Spike could easily-and literally-make her melt in her pants. Both times, Buffy noticed that Spike was able to manipulate her body in a way she never even thought of.

There was no way in hell Riley would even top that. Even on Spike’s worst day, Riley would still suck ass.

“Ahhhhh! Spike!” Buffy cried out as she clutched at him harder.

He had angled his thrusts so that his pelvic bone hit her clit on every hard in thrust and it was working. She was squeezing the hell out of his cock.

Spike had never felt anything like this in his entire existence! She was the hottest thing he’d ever felt! He thought the fire in her was only in her eyes but he was dead wrong. It was literally in her. He felt as if his cock would burn off and he wouldn't give a fuck. He could die right now and be the happiest bloke ever. The closet thing he got to this was having her rutting and moaning against him during their engagement when he gave her a taste of just how usable he could be. And also in the coffin. God he thought he would cum any second now the way she was squeezing him.

“Fuck, pet. So fuckin’ hot. Bloody-fuck-hell! Buffy, Buffy, Buffy!” Spike mumbled against her neck.

“Spike, almo-ungh! So-so close. Almost there. Fuck Spike please! Please?!”

Later on Spike had no clue how he knew to do this or why he even did. But now for some reason Spike seemed to know exactly what Buffy was begging him for.

He licked her pulse and his face shifted. Then before he knew it, he only took a tiny sip of the Slayer’s hot and potent blood before his eyes rolled as he felt her inner muscles almost squeeze his cock off as she came.

Buffy had never had an orgasm that intense in her life. She felt as if it was being ripped from her very soul and it wouldn’t stop. She screamed his name loud and long until she was hoarse and only cried out wordlessly.

Spike’s entire body seemed to freeze for half a second, before he began thrusting into her, in a speed he didn’t know he had. He was coming harder than he ever had as well. He cried her name out around her neck as he continued to drink from her.

Both of them continued to spiral up higher and higher until finally they began to drop and what a fall it was.

 Spike yanked his head back and howled out ‘fuck’ as he seemed to come for a second-or was that fifteenth-time. Then both of their worlds turned black and that was it.

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